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Movies: Love Actually, The Great Mouse Detective, Singin' in the Rain,

Tv: Sherlock, Comedy Panel Shows, Father Ted, The IT Crowd, The Mighty Boosh, Coupling, Black Books,

Music: Snow Patrol, The Killers, Showtunes, Rumer, Eva Cassidy, Katy Perry, Norah Jones, Ke$ha, Adele

Books: Pretty Things, Me & Mr Darcy, Harry Potter, Basil of Baker Street

People: John Finnemore, Dawn French, Donald O'Connor,


1. My greatest fear is that one day zombies will take over the world. I'm not scared of the zombies exactly - I just know I won't survive very long.

2. I think I'm turning into my mother. I wouldn't be worried but I don't think the world can handle two of us.

3. I've seen most of my favourite bands live - Scissor Sisters, Mcfly, My Chemcial Romance, Katy Perry... But if I could go to any gig ever I'd see The Beatles in the Cavern Club back when thet were starting out. And scream like a girl when doing it.

4. I used to spend my day working with kids. Sometimes they're were mature than me.

5. I am currently a student... although all I've learnt so far is Tequila is clearly made by the devil, and lambrini really does taste like paint stripper.


“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

"When asked 'What did you girls do tonight?' I can hardly answer 'Well I accidently joined Blockbuster and Kat broke your toilet, ta ta!"
~ ME



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